Dr. William Daniel Sudia, Entomologist & Virologist, US Center for Disease Control (1922 - 2010)

William Daniel Sudia Obituary (ex-Atlanta Journal-Constitution) 

Uncle Danny, Ted's next older brother, was also a scientist who specialized in mosquito-borne diseases such as equine encephalitis in Latin America. He has several species of mosquitoes named after him.

Scanning his articles, his early contribution to mosquito-borne virology was an improved light trap, later with dry ice pellets, which allowed adequately large numbers of mosquitoes to be collected to drive the lab science process to analyze them for viruses, which got the field off the ground, and later earned him a distinguished service award from CDC.

His hobby was bird photography, where he utilized the original method of capturing the birds, calming them down in darkness, and then generating a well-lit, natural looking flash photo of them. A number of his well-lighted bird photos graced the cover of AIBS BioScience Magazine when his brother Ted Sudia was editing it. He also had a large collection of classic types of barbed wire, but I never saw it.

He lived in Atlanta, GA, was married to Aunt Polly, with 2 daughters Shawn and Shelly. He loved the South, so I rarely saw him.

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